Massive Unity Ltd. | The 1964 T.A.E.
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The 1964 T.A.E.

Product Name: The 1964 T.A.E.
Manufactured by: LAA Custom for Massive Unity
Designed by: Danny Gomez

Revolutionizing guitar recording and live shows with an ultra-compact design Tube Amp Emulation.

Ready for Winter NAMM 2018, Massive Unity has unveiled the new 1964 preamp, powered by T.A.E. technology, designed by Danny Gomez, engineer, musical director 
and session guitarist.


1964 is a full analog amplifier simulator for line connection, as a highly detailed preamp to your amp´s fx loop return, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp´s input.


Available to guitarists and bassists needing both a professional alternative to their amplifiers and/or a responsive backup to their regular rig on an ultra-lightweight package with a real analog experience.



  • Powered by T.A.E. technology
  • 20 dB switchable booster
  • True Coil Transformer by LAA Custom
  • Preamp Output
  • Speaker Emulated Output (open-back w/ 2 x 12 “Alnico Blue”)
  • Remote switching
  • Input impedance: 1 MOhms.
  • Output Impedance: 6.5 KOhms.
  • Power supply: 9V external AC-DC adaptor
  • Dimensions (mm): 145 x 105 x 74
  • Weight: 400gr.


T.A.E. technology revolutionizes guitar recording and lives shows in an ultra-compact design with amazing results. Used on pedalboards and studios worldwide by some the finest players and producers.


Handcrafted in Europe by LAA Custom, the new 1964 limited edition is available for 299€ (RRP) You can purchase it from here !


“Get now the key to your new sound and be part of the recording and live shows revolution!” – Jamie Humphries

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  • Jonathan J. Collazo

    19.04.2019 at 22:54 Reply

    How limited is the production?

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